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Current As Of 11/08/2023

Asha's Puppies Born ~8th July 2023

9 Female, 3 Male

Ready from around 9th September.

Puppies can be reserved now for a non refundable £50 after initial adoption checks are completed.


Caress - 3-4 Years Approx.



Caress is another one of our pound dogs, she is approximately 3-4 years old, and she is a lovely girl. She was recently assessed by one of our trainer/handlers, who has said she is wonderful, would suit a sports or active pet home, but she can be reactive.

Like all our dogs Caress enjoys a fuss and playing with a good toy!

New Dawn Malinois Rescue Dogs

Fabian - 8 Months Approx.


Fabian was another pound dog at risk of being PTS. Fabian is a Lurcher x Malinois, and he is 6 months old. 

His foster shared a lovely description with us: "He is a lovely wee chap who loves to cuddle and wants to be with you. He is very gentle when meeting people, loves other dogs, always up for a play, gets on well with the cat and ignores the house bunnies when they're in their cages." 

We love our foster updates. Please be aware when reading this we do not advise our dogs be homed with small animals, nor guarantee that any of our dogs will be good with any small animals, these are pound dogs with no history.

New Dawn Malinois Rescue Dogs

Asha 6-8 years approx

Asha has had a rough life already, left behind after her owners moved house. The neighbour took her in unbeknown to them she was pregnant. Asha had 15 pups, 12 survived. She has scaring from old injuries.

A typical Mali, she will Guard from behind a barrier/fence but given treats you can win her over. Given her age she'll be active but slightly more relaxed about life.


Max - 18-24 Months Approx.


Max is another of our gorgeous young Czech Shepherd At only 6 months old, Max was left tied up outside a police station. 

Since being in foster Max has put on a lovely bit of weight as he was very skinny when he arrived. Max has had to be placed in emergency boarding, and since then we have learned that Max does not do well in kennels. He's described as "heartbroken and waiting for his family to come get him". Once Max is settled he's a wonderful dog socially, he's a big boy who loves affection and, and just needs stability. With the right handler Max would do well in a working role. He is a loving and loyal dog, and would prefer to be with his family most of the time.

New Dawn Malinois Rescue Dogs

Reuben - 12 Months Approx.

Rueben is a lovely German Shepherd, we think showline. Reuben is an active, fluffy, silly and bouncy boy! He is very head strong and stubborn, and he'll need an experienced home. Reuben has proven to be a bit of a handful. He can clear a 7 foot embankment, which will need watching. Rueben will need all the basics and someone to keep up with his high energy. He gets on well with other dogs, and will do best in an active pet home. 

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